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Catalogue Numbers
LPU 022 (10 tests)
LPU 022-S (5 tests)

Langer-Giedion syndrome (LGS; tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome type II) is an autosomal dominant contiguous gene deletion syndrome involving chromosome bands 8q23.3 and 8q24.11.

LGS is characterised by cranio-facial and skeletal abnormalities including multiple cartilaginous exostoses and cone-shaped epiphyses. Mental retardation is also a common finding. LGS combines the clinical features of two autosomal dominant diseases: tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome type 1 and multiple cartilaginous exostoses (caused by defects in the TRPS1 and EXT1 genes respectively). Both genes involved in these conditions are within the Langer-Giedion deletion region, though TRPS1 maps more than 1Mb proximal to EXT12,3.


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Microscope Images

Langer Giedion magnified


This product is intended to be used on Carnoy’s solution (3:1 methanol/acetic acid) fixed peripheral blood samples.