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Multiprobe Octochrome

haematology, haematopathology, constitutional, multiprobe, whole chromosome painting probes
Catalogue Numbers
PMP 803 (10 devices)
PMP 804 (5 devices)
PMP 802 (2 devices)
Multiprobe Octochrome

Cytocell's Chromoprobe Multiprobe® OctoChrome™ combines the utility of an 8 square Multiprobe device and our Whole Chromosome Painting probes (labelled in 3 different colours), to allow all 24 chromosomes to be identified on a single slide.

The OctoChrome™ device therefore allows simultaneous analysis of the whole genome on one slide, in one hybridisation. Each square of the device carries whole chromosome painting probes for three different chromosomes labelled in three different colour fluorophores: red, green and blue (Texas Red®, FITC and Aqua spectra, respectively). These are visible simultaneously with a DAPI/FITC/Texas Red® triple filter or individually through specific single filters.

The arrangement of chromosome combinations on the Octochrome™ device has been specifically designed to facilitate the identification of non-random chromosome rearrangements that are found in the most common leukaemias.