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Solid Tumours
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Name Region Area of interest Label Gene Names Catalogue no.
ZNF217 Amplification 20p13/20q13.2 Breast Cancer, Stomach, Ovarian Cancer, Sarcoma, Prostate Cancer red green ZNF217 LPS 005 (10 tests)
LPS 005-S (5 tests)
X, Y and 18 18p11.1-q11.1 (D18Z1)
Xp11.1-q11.1 (DXZ1)
Yp11.1-q11.1 (DYZ3)
green blue orange LPA 002 (10 tests)
LPA 002-S (5 tests)
X, Y, 13, 18 and 21 13q14.2
18p11.1-q11.1 (D18Z1)
Xp11.1-q11.1 (DXZ1)
Yp11.1-q11.1 (DYZ3)
green blue orange LPA 001-S (5 tests)
LPA 001 (10 tests)
LPA 001-30 (30 tests)
LPA 001-50 (50 tests)
XIST Xq13.2 red green XIST LPU 018 (10 tests)
LPU 018-S (5 tests)
Wolf-Hirschhorn 4p16.3 red green NELFA LPU 009 (10 tests)
LPU 009-S (5 tests)
Williams-Beuren 7q11.23 red green ELN LPU 011 (10 tests)
LPU 011-S (5 tests)
Whole Chromosome Painting Probes red green LPP xxR/G (5 tests)
Whole Chromosome Paint Combinations red green yellow LPP 124 (10 tests)
TOP2A Amplification/Deletion 17q21.2 Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer red green TOP2A LPS 002 (10 tests)
LPS 002-S (5 tests)
TMPRSS2/ERG Deletion/Breakapart 21q22.2-q22.3/21q22.13-q22.2 Prostate Cancer red green blue TMPRSS2, ERG LPS 021 (10 tests)
LPS 021-S (5 tests)
TLX3 Breakapart 5q35.1 ALL red green TLX3 LPH 050 (10 tests)
LPH 050-S (5 tests)
TLX1 Breakapart 10q24.31 ALL red green TLX1 LPH 049 (10 tests)
LPH 049-S (5 tests)
Tissue Pretreatment Kit LPS 100
TFE3 Breakapart Xp11.23 Sarcoma red green TFE3 RU-LPS 051 (100μl)
RU-LPS 051-S (50μl)
TEL/AML1 (ETV6/RUNX1) Translocation, Dual Fusion 12p13.2
ALL red green ETV6
LPH 012 (10 tests)
LPH 012-S (5 tests)
TCRB (TRB) Breakapart 7q34 ALL red green TRB LPH 048 (10 tests)
LPH 048-S (5 tests)
TCRAD Breakapart 14q11.2 ALL red green TRA, TRD LPH 047 (10 tests)
LPH 047-S (5 tests)
TCL1 Breakapart 14q32.13-q32.2 ALL red green TCL1 LPH 046 (10 tests)
LPH 046-S (5 tests)
SYT (SS18) Breakapart 18q11.2 Sarcoma red green SS18 LPS 014 (10 tests)
LPS 014-S (5 tests)
Subtelomere Specific Probes red green LPT xxxR/G (5 tests)
SRY Yp11.31 red green blue SRY LPU 026 (10 tests)
LPU 026-S (5 tests)
SRD (CHD5) Deletion 1p36.31 Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, Neuroblastoma, Glioma, Gallbladder Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Laryngeal, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer red green CHD5 LPS 010 (10 tests)
LPS 010-S (5 tests)
Smith-Magenis (RAI1)/Miller-Dieker Probe Combination 17p11.2/17p13.3 red green RAI1 LPU 019 (10 tests)
LPU 019-S (5 tests)
Smith-Magenis (FLII)/Miller-Dieker Probe Combination 17p11.2/17p13.3 red green FLII LPU 007 (10 tests)
LPU 007-S (5 tests)
SHOX Xp22.33
red green blue SHOX LPU 025 (10 tests)
LPU 025-S (5 tests)
Satellite Enumeration Probes red green LPE xxxR/G (5 tests)
Saethre-Chotzen/Williams-Beuren Combination 7p21.1/7q11.23 red green ELN, TWIST1 LPU 024 (10 tests)
LPU 024-S (5 tests)
Rubinstein-Taybi 16p13.3 red green CREBBP LPU 023 (10 tests)
LPU 023-S (5 tests)
ROS1 Plus Breakapart 6q22.1 Lung Cancer red green ROS1, GOPC LPS 046 (10 tests)
LPS 046-S (5 tests)
ROS1 Breakapart 6q22.1 Glioma, Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile duct), Ovarian Cancer, Lung Cancer red green ROS1, GOPC LPS 022 (10 tests)
LPS 022-S (5 tests)
RET Breakapart 10q11.21 Lung Cancer red green RET LPS 045 (10 tests)
LPS 045-S (5 tests)
RB1 Deletion 13q14.2 Breast Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Retinoblastoma, Lung Cancer red green RB1 LPS 011 (10 tests)
LPS 011-S (5 tests)
RARα (RARA) Breakapart 17q21.1-q21.2 AML, APL red green RARA LPH 065 (10 tests)
LPH 065-S (5 tests)
Prader-Willi/Angelman (SNRPN) 15q11.2 red green SNRPN LPU 005 (10 tests)
LPU 005-S (5 tests)
PML/RARα(RARA) Translocation, Dual Fusion 15q24.1
AML red green PML
LPH 023 (10 tests)
LPH 023-S (5 tests)
PDGFRB Breakapart 5q32 MPN red green PDGFRB LPH 031 (10 tests)
LPH 031-S (5 tests)
PAX7 Breakapart 1p36.13 Sarcoma red green PAX7 LPS 013 (10 tests)
LPS 013-S (5 tests)
PAX3 Breakapart 2p36.1 Sarcoma red green PAX3 LPS 012 (10 tests)
LPS 012-S (5 tests)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13.1 ALL, AML, CLL, Lymphoma, MDS, MM red green TP53 LPH 017 (10 tests)
LPH 017-S (5 tests)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13.1 ALL, AML, CLL, Lymphoma, MDS, MM red green TP53 LPS 037 (10 tests)
LPS 037-S (5 tests)