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If you are experiencing issues with your FISH probes or protocol the FAQ section may feature the solution to your problem. If you do not find a solution within these pages please do not hesitate to contact us directly via our technical query form.

Choose from one of the sections listed below to begin viewing the related FAQs:

Section 1 Reagent Storage and Disposal

1. Reagent storage and disposal

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Section 2 Preperation

2. FISH protocol: Sample preparation

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Section 3 Probe application

3. FISH protocol: Probe application

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Section 4 Denaturation v2

4. FISH protocol: Denaturation

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Section 5 Hybridisation

5. FISH protocol: Hybridisation

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Section 6 Post hybridisation washes v4

6. FISH protocol: Post hybridisation washes

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Section 7 Analysis

7. Analysis

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Section 8 FISH general

8. FISH general

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