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Popular Haematology Custom Probes

View our list of popular haematology custom probes:

myProbes Code

myProbes Name

MPH2840 ABL1 Breakapart
MPH2850 ABL2 Breakapart
MPH2870 CSF1R Breakapart
MPH2830 EPOR Breakapart
MPH2860 JAK2 Breakapart
MPD2730 CCND2 Breakapart/12cen in Aqua
MPH2170 CHIC2/FIP1L2/PDGFRA Deletion
MPH2940 CKS1B/P53 Amplification/Deletion
MPH6800 CBFB Breakapart
MPH4050 CSF1R/5p15.31 Deletion
MPD3680 ETV6 Breakapart (Haematopathology)
MPH3560 NUP98 Breakapart
MPH4290 NUP214/DEK Translocation Dual Fusion
MPH2070 PAX5 Breakapart
MPH2050 RELN/TES/7cen
MPH4000 TCRG Breakapart
MPH4820 ZNF385 Breakapart

myProbes®: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.