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Popular Pathology Custom Probes

View our list of popular pathology custom probes:

myProbes Code

myProbes Name

MPP15370 NTRK1 Breakapart
MPP15380 NTRK2 Breakapart
MPP15390 NTRK3 Breakapart
MPP5160 SETDB1/1qhet Amplification
MPP6130 CCNL1/3q29 Amplification
MPP6950 NR4A3 Breakapart
MPP4510 HEY1/NCOA2/PKIA Dual Fusion
MPP6940 ATF1 Breakapart
MPP6960 POU5F1 Breakapart
MPP3990 12p13.3/12cen Amplification/Deletion
MPP1440 CTNNB1/PLAG1 Dual Fusion
MPP2100 CIC Breakapart (with red)
MPP4930 CD274/PDCD1LG2/9qhet (PDL1/2) Breakapart/Amplification
MPP2090 HER2/D17S122/17c Amplification

myProbes®: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.