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Custom probes are specifically developed for individual customers' RESEARCH USE ONLY* (RUO) requirements and not with the intention of being used for in vitro diagnostic examination. Therefore, prior to any future ordering of these probes, users should review the design of such probes to confirm they are suitable for their requirements.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Find Custom Probes

Name Region Label myProbe No.
PLAG1 Breakapart Probe 8q12.1 red green MPP 2270 Request a Quote
NCOA2/PKIA/HEY1 Dual Fusion Probe 8q13 / 8q21.12 / 8q21.13 green blue red MPP 4510 Request a Quote
YWHAZ(Red) /E2F3 (green)/ NCOR1 (Aqua) 8q22.3 / 17p11.2-p12 / 6p22.3 red blue green MPP 13610 Request a Quote
MYC/BCL6 Dual Fusion Probe 8q24.21 / 3q27.3 red green MPD 2710 Request a Quote
PAX5 Breakapart Probe 9p13.2 red green MPD 3280 Request a Quote
JAK2 Breakapart Probe 9p24.1 red green MPH 2860 Request a Quote
CD274/PDCD1LG2/9qhet Probe 9p24.1 / 9q12 green red blue MPP 4930 Request a Quote
9p24.1/9qhet Amplification Probe 9p24.1 / 9qhet red green MPP 13810 Request a Quote
9qhet in Aqua Spectrum 9q12 blue MPA 2343 Request a Quote
NTRK2 Breakapart Probe 9q21.32-q21.33 red green MPP 15380 Request a Quote
NR4A3 Breakapart Probe 9q22.33 / 9q31.1 green red MPP 6950 Request a Quote
BCR/ABL Translocation Fast Probe 9q34.11-q34.12 / 22q11.22-q11.23 red green MPH 4590 Request a Quote
ABL1 Breakapart Probe 9q34.11-q34.12 / 9q34.12-q34.13 red green MPH 2840 Request a Quote
NUP214 Breakapart Probe 9q34.12-q34.13 red green MPH 4790 Request a Quote
NUP214/DEK Translocation, Dual Fusion Probe 9q34.12-q34.13 / 6p22.3 red green MPH 4290 Request a Quote
BCOR Breakapart Probe Xp11.4 red green MPP 17190 Request a Quote
BCOR/CCNB3 Dual Fusion Probe Xp11.4 / Xp11.22 green red MPP 14810 Request a Quote
IGH/CRLF2 Dual Fusion Probe Xp22.33 / 14q32.33 red green MPH 15820 Request a Quote
Ycen in Aqua Spectrum Ycen blue MPA 2771 Request a Quote
Y Satellite III in Aqua Spectrum Yq12 blue MPA 2931 Request a Quote