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OGT’s response during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Dear Valued Customer,

During these unprecedented times, OGT remains committed and ready to support you. We understand the critical work you are doing to develop solutions or offer genetic testing for patients and want to reassure you of the efforts we are taking to continue to supply you with our products and offer the support you need in these challenging and uncertain times.

Our priority is to continue to manufacture and supply our products to you, whilst at the same time minimising the risk to our staff, below are just a few of the measures we are taking towards these goals:

Manufacturing & Supply

  • We routinely hold many months of raw materials for manufacture and we also hold significant stocks of our finished products in the UK and in the USA.


  • Where our usual couriers continue to operate, some at a reduced level due to restrictions imposed by local governments, we are working on extra measures to facilitate delivery of products in the normal timeframes, however some short delays may occur due to increased demand on those couriers.
  • Where our usual couriers are not offering their normal service, we are actively seeking alternatives to mitigate any delivery issues and continue to monitor the situation.
  • If we are unable to deliver as normal, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Mitigating risk to our staff

  • As many staff as possible are now working remotely and have ceased international and domestic travel.
  • We are restricting visitors to all our sites other than those required to maintain critical operational functions.
  • Cleaning has been stepped up in our facilities and we have provided additional hand sanitising products for use by staff.
  • We have implemented flexible working to ensure essential staff have reduced contact with others to protect both them and our business

Customer & Technical Support

  • Our excellent Customer Service and Technical Support teams remain available to assist you during regular business hours, please continue to contact them on the usual telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Our highly skilled technical support teams can also offer web video meetings to help you with any issues in your lab, email to request a meeting.

We are making every possible effort to allow business processes to continue as usual and the OGT Executive team is meeting on a daily basis to review the evolving situation. This communication reflects the situation as of Monday 23rd March 2020. We recognise the situation is evolving rapidly, we are constantly monitoring this and will adapt our contingency plans, providing additional updates according to any changes in government and health organisation guidelines.

At OGT, we’re here to help…

Yours sincerely,

Dr John Anson

Chief Executive Officer


John Anson