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Dual Labelled Satellite Probe Sets

Catalogue Numbers
LPE 0XYc (10 tests)
LPE 0XYq (10 tests)

Two dual labelled X and Y probe sets are available in the Aquarius® liquid range in a 10 test format. They may be used to identify X and Y human chromosomes in interphase and metaphase cells.

  1. XYc: Xp11.1-q11.1 directly labelled with a green fluorophore and 
Yp11.1-q11.1 with a red fluorophore.
  2. XYq: Xp11.1-q11.1 directly labelled with a green fluorophore and 
Yq12 with a red fluorophore.

These probes are designed for use on cultured peripheral blood and bone marrow cells.

In our hands, Cytocell FISH probes, have proven to be of the highest quality with bright, easy to interpret signals, thus providing confidence in our results. Cytocell’s customer support is outstanding, as their staff are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about their customers and their customers’ needs. Jennie Thurston, Director of Cytogenetics at Carolinas Pathology Group

Microscope Images

Dual Labelled SP Sets Magnified


This product is intended to be used on Carnoy’s solution (3:1 methanol/acetic acid) fixed peripheral blood/bone marrow samples.