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Porcelain Wash Jars

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PCN 009
Porcelain Wash Jars

Porcelain Wash Jars expand our extensive accessory product portfolio. The robust, inert porcelain material allows for improved temperature stability and reduced breakages. In addition, a total of 12 slides back-to-back can be processed at one time, allowing for high throughput slide processing.

Product Specifications


 Width (mm)

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Cat. No.

Porcelain Wash Jars - 12 slide capacity

2 per pack

PCN 009


Porcelain wash jars have increased the speed of the wash as they have an improved ability to retain heat between runs. When we have 24 slides to wash, we can place ~20 in a single run (we have 2 jars) and immediately start the next run without delay. In the water bath, the porcelain jars are also easier to load and unload because the grooves are easier to visualise than on glass coplin jars. Heather Williams, Deputy Head/Principal Clinical Scientist, Kings College Hospital, London


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