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MDM2 Amplification

Catalogue Numbers
LPS 016-S (5 tests)
LPS 016 (10 tests)

Probe Specification

  • MDM2, 12q15, Red
  • D12Z1, 12p11.1-q11.1, Green

The MDM2 amplification probe consists of a 146kb red probe spanning the MDM2 gene and neighbouring CPM gene, with a green centromeric probe for chromosome 12 provided as a control.

Probe Information

The MDM2 gene, located at 12q15, when overexpressed, enhances the tumourigenic potential of cells.

The oncogene product forms a tight complex with the p53 tumour suppressor protein and can inhibit p53 mediated transactivation, leading to escape from p53 regulated growth control1. The Murine Double Minute 2 (MDM2) gene has been shown to be amplified in around 7% of human tumours2.

Many tumours overexpress MDM2, the most common being soft tissue tumours (20%), osteosarcomas (16%) and oesophageal carcinomas (13%)3. The use of FISH in well differentiated liposarcoma has been a valuable diagnostic tool4,5, whilst small-molecule MDM2 inhibitors that could act as innovative therapeutic tools have also been identified6.

The quality and reproducibility of results using the Cytocell kit has been vital in accurately detecting co-deletions in our glioma investigations. We now have a cost-effective test that we can rely on that is also easy to use and interpret. We've been consistently impressed with this kit - not to mention the support offered by OGT's customer service, and have completely transitioned over to Cytocell probes. Gavin Cuthbert FRCPath, Head of Cancer Cytogenetics at the Northern Genetics Service in Newcastle, UK


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Microscope Images

MDM2 Amplification magnified
Area of Interest*
Glioma, Colorectal Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Sarcoma


This product is intended to be used on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.

*Disease information supported by the literature and is not a reflection of the intended purpose of this product.