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Solid Tumours
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Name Region Area of interest Label Gene Names Catalogue no.
Multiprobe Octochrome red green blue PMP 802 (2 devices)
PMP 804 (5 devices)
PMP 803 (10 devices)
IGH/MYC Translocation, Dual Fusion 8q24.21
Lymphoma red green MYC
LPS 035-S (5 tests)
LPS 035 (10 tests)
IGL Breakapart 22q11.21-q11.23 Lymphoma red green IGL LPS 039-S (5 tests)
LPS 039 (10 tests)
IGH/MALT1 Translocation, Dual Fusion 14q32.33
Lymphoma red green IGH
LPS 034-S (5 tests)
LPS 034 (10 tests)
IGH/BCL2 Translocation, Dual Fusion 14q32.33
Lymphoma red green IGH
LPS 033-S (5 tests)
LPS 033 (10 tests)
IGK Breakapart 2p11.2 Lymphoma red green IGK LPS 038-S (5 tests)
LPS 038 (10 tests)
IGH/CCND1 Translocation, Dual Fusion 11q13.3
Lymphoma red green CCND1
LPS 031-S (5 tests)
LPS 031 (10 tests)
BCL6 Breakapart 3q27.3-q28 Lymphoma red green BCL6 LPS 029-S (5 tests)
LPS 029 (10 tests)
RB1 Deletion 13q14.2 Breast Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Retinoblastoma, Lung Cancer red green RB1 LPS 011-S (5 tests)
LPS 011 (10 tests)
IGH Breakapart 14q32.33 Lymphoma red green IGH LPS 032-S (5 tests)
LPS 032 (10 tests)
CCND1 Breakapart 11q13.3 Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, Gastric Cancer red green CCND1 LPS 030-S (5 tests)
LPS 030 (10 tests)
BCL2 Breakapart 18q21.33-q22.1 Lymphoma red green BCL2 LPS 028-S (5 tests)
LPS 028 (10 tests)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13.1 ALL, AML, CLL, Lymphoma, MDS, MM red green TP53 LPS 037-S (5 tests)
LPS 037 (10 tests)
MALT1 Breakapart 18q21.31-q21.32 Lymphoma red green MALT1 LPS 017-S (5 tests)
LPS 017 (10 tests)
Whole Chromosome Painting Probes red green LPP xxR/G (5 tests)
P16 (CDKN2A) Deletion 9p21.3 Lymphoma, Brain Tumour, Lung Cancer red green CDKN2A LPS 036-S (5 tests)
LPS 036 (10 tests)
MYC Breakapart 8q24.21 Lymphoma red green MYC LPS 027-S (5 tests)
LPS 027 (10 tests)