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With over 25 years' experience in FISH and a work force with extensive knowledge of the subject, Cytocell is well placed to assist with, and answer, your technical queries. With this experience in mind, Cytocell has created a technical portal dedicated to FISH end users. The site features a wealth of information about the FISH technique including details on the probes, protocols and hints and tips on solving commonly encountered problems.

Meet Gothami Fonseka, your Field Application Specialist

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service from our friendly sales team and technical specialists and strive to streamline your adoption of new probes.

Gothami Fonseka

I have over 10 years FISH experience in research, academic and clinical settings and understand the technical challenges our customers go through on a regular basis. Being a member of the Cytocell Research and Development team for the last five years, I have expert knowledge of how to achieve the optimum results when using Cytocell FISH probes. In my role as Cytocell Field Application Specialist my aim is to provide the best possible support to customers, troubleshoot any technical difficulties they face, and assist them to produce high quality results within a timely manner. 

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