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Aquarius FISH Procedure

The Aquarius® range consists of directly labelled FISH probes for constitutional cytogenetic and oncology applications.

Aquarius 1

Spot slide with 10μl of cell sample and dehydrate.

Aquarius 2

Apply 10μl of Aquarius probe onto dehydrated cell sample.

Aquarius 3

Place coverslip onto slide and seal.

Aquarius 4

Denature on a hotplate at 75°C (+/-1°C) for 2 minutes. Hybridise the slide in a humid, lightproof container at 37°C (+/-1°C) overnight.

Aquarius 5

Wash with rapid, formamide-free stringency washes.

Aquarius 6

Apply DAPI counterstain provided and view under a fluorescent microscope.