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FISH 'n' Tips (test page)

We’re gathering information from our Cytocell experts to share the latest and most helpful tips for FISH. Visit this page each month for new, timely, proven tips from the FISH experts. Choose from the sections listed below to begin viewing the related tips and tricks.

Latest tip

Gothami tip

Perform tissue enzyme digestion at 37°C on a hotplate for best results.

Section 1 Reagent Storage and Disposal

1. Reagent storage and disposal

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Section 2 Preperation2. Sample preparation

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Section 3 Probe application

3. Probe application

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Section 4 Denaturation v2

4. Denaturation

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Section 5 Hybridisation

5. Hybridisation

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Section 6 Post hybridisation washes v4

6. Post hybridisation washes

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Section 7 Analysis

7. Analysis

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Section 8 FISH general

8. General tips

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