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FISH 'n' Tips: Post Hybridisation Washes

Section 6 Post hybridisation washes v4

View our collection of FISH 'n' Tips for the post hybridisation wash stage of the fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) protocol. Tips include advice on measuring the temperature of washing solutions and why you should rinse your slides in a dehydration series of EtOH washes.

Jennifer Golding, Global Product Manager - FISH

Jen Golding white background

Always balance the pH of wash solutions during preparation, and periodically during use, to ensure they produce optimal results.

Steve Chatters, Acting Head, Regulatory and Medical Afairs

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Try rinsing slides in a dehydration series of EtOH washes (70%, 85%, and 100%) after the room temperature washes to reduce background.

Daniela Johnanes, FISH Field Application Support, Europe

Daniela Johannes

When measuring the temperature of washing solutions, make sure to do this inside the jar to replicate the correct conditions.