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FISH 'n' Tips: Reagent Storage and Disposal

Section 1 Reagent Storage and Disposal

View our collection of FISH 'n' Tips for the reagent storage and disposal stage of the fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) protocol. Tips include advice on storing enzyme solution correctly, how to avoid excessive light exposure, and why you should keep light exposure of probes to a minimum.

Gothami Fonseka, FISH Field Application Support, Europe


When not in use, ensure that the enzyme solution is stored correctly at 2-8°C to preserve the enzyme activity.

Ashley Hart, FISH Field Application Scientist, US & Canada

Ashley Hart

Keep light exposure of probes to a minimum as this can cause photodegradation.

Steve Chatters, Acting Head, Regulatory and Medical Afairs

Steve Chatters v2

Use a working reagent box that you take from the freezer instead of all of the probes to minimise light exposure/freeze thaws. Place the box back in the freezer as soon as you remove the probes you need for the day.

Daniela Johnanes, FISH Field Application Support, Europe

Daniela Johannes

Aliquot probe in to smaller vials to avoid excessive light exposure. Only take the probe to be used from the freezer.