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Multiprobe FISH Procedure

The Chromoprobe Multiprobe® System is an extension of Cytocell's proprietary Chromoprobe® technology, whereby DNA FISH probes are reversibly bound to the surface of a glass device. This approach not only simplifies the whole FISH procedure but also renders it safer and quicker to use.

Multiprobe 1

Soak the slides in 100% methanol, then polish dry with a lint free cloth.

Multiprobe 2

Spot 2μl (or 4μl for an 8 square device) of cell sample onto alternate squares of the supplied slide.

Multiprobe 3

Once dry, fill in the remaining squares with the cell sample and check using phase contrast.

Multiprobe 4

Place slides in 2xSSC for 2 minutes and then dehydrate through an ethanol series.

Multiprobe 5

Spot 1μl (or 2μl for an 8 square device) of supplied hybridisation solution onto each square of the device.

Multiprobe 6

Carefully lower spotted slide onto the device.

Multiprobe 7

Check the temperature of the hotplate using the slide surface thermometer provided. Denature the slide/device at 75°C for 2 minutes (or 5 minutes for OctoChrome™ device)

Multiprobe 8

Place slide/device in hybridisation chamber supplied and float on the surface of a clean 37°C waterbath overnight.

Multiprobe 9

Wash in 0.4xSSC at 72°C for 2 minutes, then 2xSSC/0.05% Tween at room temperature for 30 seconds.

Multiprobe 10

Apply DAPI counterstain provided and view under a fluorescence microscope.