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MDM2 Amplification

Catalogue Numbers
LPS 016 (10 tests)
LPS 016-S (5 tests)

The MDM2 gene, located at 12q15, when overexpressed, enhances the tumourigenic potential of cells.

The oncogene product forms a tight complex with the p53 tumour suppressor protein and can inhibit p53 mediated transactivation, leading to escape from p53 regulated growth control1. The Murine Double Minute 2 (MDM2) gene has been shown to be amplified in around 7% of human tumours2.

Many tumours overexpress MDM2, the most common being soft tissue tumours (20%), osteosarcomas (16%) and oesophageal carcinomas (13%)3. The use of FISH in well differentiated liposarcoma has been a valuable diagnostic tool4,5, whilst small-molecule MDM2 inhibitors that could act as innovative therapeutic tools have also been identified6.


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Microscope Images

MDM2 Amplification magnified
Area of Interest*
Glioma, Oesophageal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Sarcoma, Colorectal Cancer


This product is intended to be used on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.

*Disease information supported by the literature and is not a reflection of the intended purpose of this product.